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Monday, March 31, 2014

Kings in a Car

So, let's say that we got a bunch of Kings together…  

 That is all.

Just kidding.

Making of

Stephen King just gained a new level of desturbing

Thank you, 
come again

Friday, March 7, 2014

Butterfly Stomach

 I made this cutie to grace my business card.  The concept was inspired by the work of one of my classmates.  It think it quite accurately portrays how nervous and excited I am about the metamorphosis into real-persondom (graduation).  And now I've got a little friend to share it with.  It's almost showtime!


Thanks for lookin'

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Futility of Knowing One's Self

  I've heard time and time again, there is nothing more important than knowing one's self.   Know your strengths and weaknesses.

  But blind spots are something we all have.  I have so many.  It got to the point that around Christmas time I had a personal crisis in which, the person who I thought I was, was completely different than the person that my close friends and family knew me to be.  Anybody who knows what it feels like to be so sure of something for so long just to find out that it's misguided, knows it's a very scary place to find yourself in.  

  What had brought me to this point was the discovery of a blind spot.  It was brought to my attention by one whom I trust and respect a great deal, that I am impatient and intolerant of other people.  It was obvious to everyone but me, and I think the only reason she felt comfortable mentioning it to me at all was because she thought I already knew.  

  In order to fix this huge character flaw I tried to re-figure who, exactly, I was.  This was all in an effort to improve myself, but it ironically lead to a period of useless self centered-ness.  I went through pictures and diaries and things like that to try to pinpoint when my intolerance began. 
  Then I began to realize how stupid that was.  If  I can't trust my self-perception now, what made me think I could trust the perception of myself years ago.  All I have to go on are snippets and my own biased accounts of things that have happened in my life.  
  So, while I was struggling through this, I found relief in these things:

There are things that I'm good at and things that I'm bad at.  I can't be sure which are which, but I do know what I love to do.

There are people that love me, and people that don't.  I can't be sure which are which, but I do know whom I love.

I have good character traits and bad character traits.  I don't know what they are, but I have the ability to forgive everyone else for having equally bad character traits, and loving them anyway. 


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Alan Rickman's A.S.S. Close-up

So I missed posting something cute on Valentine's day.  Boo.  I was in transition, starting a bunch of projects and not being able to finish them before the next one started.  This is why I benefit from school, where they give me deadlines that fuel me through late nights and all-nights.

I've got a big one coming, but for right now lets take a moment to appreciate another amazing British actor.  Alan Rickman's birthday was yesterday!  Here is a throwback image of him in his early years.
You'd have a perpetually grumpy face too if you were read Animal Farm as a child.


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Photo Foray- Milonga

A Tango studio in NYC kindly allowed me to come in and take some photos while being delicate to privacy.  They asked me not to take any shots of "individuals dancing."  I'm not exactly sure how that was supposed to work since the room was not large and was filled with dancing individuals.  I took it to mean "don't get in anyone's face" or maybe "don't let them see."  So I didn't get a whole lot of shots in for this reason, and also because I wanted to get in on the dancing.  Here are my favorites.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Photo Foray- Coney Island Polar Plunge

As I have mentioned in my 4 New Year Firsts post, the Polar Plunge is a global New Year's Day tradition in which the crazies band together and put on a big show of jumping into the ocean.  Sister's friend, Megan, subscribes to the this tradition faithfully and invited us along.  Being a crazy, I insisted that we go.  



Photo Foray- Roosevelt Island

The first of the Overmoyer siblings' New York City adventures was one we made to Roosevelt Island.  We took the cable car across the river and proceeded to seek out the most adventurey things we could.  Of course it is very difficult to discover any landmark in a densely populated place such as this that has not previously been discovered.  But then, it was new and exciting to us.  However beaten the paths were, they led to some cool places.  We had a good time "discovering" the mysterious buildings on the island.