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Monday, August 4, 2014


Ok, I promised news and I'm sure you've all been dying of anticipation.
That was a joke.
I've told a bunch of people about it preemptively, so sorry of this is old news, but now it's official:


Ahhh!  I've never been this excited about anything.  Ever.  

No, I'm not going to visit anyone I know, and no, I'm not really going for a job as such I am going to be living in a variety of households and filling a variety of rolls in return for food and bed.  My first stop is a nanny position in NW Ireland and I'm really looking forward to it.  BUT, it is one of my primary objectives to also have a good long stay at a sheep farm while I'm there.    

"Follow your dreams, no matter what! :D" was drilled into my head when I was a kid, but what was drilled into my head nearing the end of college was "Grasp at any opportunity you can get out there!  Make as much money as you can so you can pay off your loans and start working on your retirement fund ASAP!" 

Whoa!  I get it, but whoa!  That is not for everyone, just like college is not for everyone.  There are lots of means to an end and corners of the world for us to fill.  

I may have a college education, but I want my corner to have sheep in it.  Shoot me.


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Another Family Portrait

Here is another family portrait commission I received from an old high school classmate!  All of them are so beautiful and accomplished.  How can there be so many good genes in one place, eh?

Thank you so much for your support guys!  And a HUGE thank you to my uber talented composition consultant, Cassey Kuo.  Ya'll should check out her work.

And, of course, if you'd like something like this done for you or someone you know, give me a holler.  I'm trying to be an artist :)  Hey look!  I just did this to make it super easy!


Friday, July 25, 2014

Puppets Gone Wild

Here's to wild puppet making

Because I feel like it!!!!

New kids on the block

Over and out.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Illustration Friday's word of the week was "fragile".  I had bought this frame at a bargain price with something like this in mind, and when it comes down to it, this lady in the red dress is mighty fragile.  If you look really closely, you can find a great many cracks where I glued her back together.  Yikes.


This red dress is now happily living in Aroma Coffee Art Gallery.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Snow White Revisited

I've been meaning to finish my Snow White puppet for ages, in fact, for a year and two months.  Here is what she looked like then.

Here she is now: 

black as ebony
red as blood 
white as snow

Thanks for visiting!


Monday, June 23, 2014

Family Portrait

A former art teacher asked me to paint a portrait of her happy little family.  Aren't they just the cutest?

If you'd like one for yourself, you know, give me a jingle! 


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lost Boy

This is a little buddy I started a while ago as a personal project.  Things got in the way, and I wasn't happy with the way he was turning out.  A few days ago I picked him up again, gave him a nose job and a fresh coat of paint.  Then we were rollin'.  Sometimes you just need to take a break from each other, I guess.


with no one around to scrutinize it, 

there is no shame.  No time.  No age.

 Nothing ever dies.  

Wonder never dies.  

The lost boy is a child forever. 

The lost boy has been living in my head for a long time.  It is so exciting to see him in the flesh… literally.

Close up:

Thanks for lookin'!