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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Think This is What I Want to Do With My Life... Probably

A few months ago Friend convinced me that I should use a means other than Myface to share my pictures, since I am pathetically powered by positive reinforcement.  And, although I couldn't find the policy that Friend described that admitted that uploaded images automatically belonged to Myface, I decided that it was probably a good idea anyway. 
So there you have it.
Without further ado:

So, I think this is what I want to do with my life:
     I was recently inspired by a few professional illustrators whose works were introduced to me.  Actually it was more of a divine-intervention lightening-strike reintroduction.  Oh, and when I say that I was "inspired" I mean that I was INSANELY MIND BLOWN.  It was to the point that I was restating the title of this post in an awed voice to myself and anyone who'd listen.
     I highly recommend these artists.  The first is Rednose Studio.  His work may look eerily familiar to you, as it did for me when Teacher showed it to me.  That may be because one of his pieces is a standard wallpaper for PC's.  It also was my current laptop background at the time of this magical introduction because I found it enchanting and charming.

    Then there was Nancy Wiley which I dug up from my memory of a few years ago when her Alice in Wonderland book came out.  I probably wouldn't have heard about it had she not been local to my area.  I remember our local library made a big deal out of it.  I admit, I didn't realize how much of big deal it was until now. 

   Immediately, I began dreaming up ways that I could adapt my growing portfolio to fit this sort of work.  It seemed an endless stream of possibility and excitement.  So I embarked on my first real dimensional illustration adventure, probably following a little bit too close behind Rednose Studio. It's a start anyway.

   The next school assignment I got was to illustrate a "Reverso Poem" by Marilyn Singer.  I chose "Full of Beans," which is about Jack and the beanstalk.  Reading the poem down you get the giant's point of view:
"What will happen next?
Little does he know.
A giant
beanstalk is about to reach
through the
fragrant green air.
A boy waits in the
cow, market, beans
leading to this moment:
Time to climb."
    The cool part about this kind of poem is if you read it up you get a whole different point of view, in this case it's Jack's.
   After much sketching and reviewing, my class and I decided on this idea:
  And it grew...
And got colored...
   And then came the really fun part.

 Does anyone else see a wiener dog or is it just me?

 For some reason I deemed it necessary to bake used coffee grounds.
 That's why.

 After I was all done making the tiny things it was time to set up my tiny little photography studio, aka. the underside of my desk with paper taped to it, a desk lamp and a borrowed camera.

The Giant shoot proved very successful.  Unfortunately, the Jack shoot did not turn out being so simple.  I got very frustrated and tried so many different combinations of lighting techniques with my extremely primitive and limited light sources.
  At one point I was so desperate I tried using my little flashlight covered in aluminum foil and was quite amused with the alien-abduction effect that it had going for it.
On their way to market, Jack and his old milk cow were approached by a sinister old man with a bag of magical beans. abducted by aliens.

Eventually, after some digital editing, I had my final product.

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