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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Law Family History

A few months ago my Cousin Dan organized, scanned, edited and uploaded a bunch of photos that my grandmother had painstakingly collected, labeled and (for lack of a better word) albumed.  They are an assortment of vintage images of my mother's family history dating back to baby pictures of my great-grandfather.
So, really old.

My watercolor professor told us our final painting was to be anything that really interested us personally.  Anything.  I was sort of lost without more direction than that.  Then Cousin sent this.  Looking through them I was really moved.  I was overcome with a sense of loss for those of them that I had known.  For those of them that I had not known, I longed for the relationships that I never had.  The photos are definitely close to my heart and personal to me.  Not to mention that I am in love with the look.  So, it appears, a perfect choice for this assignment.

It was tough, but I chose just four to arrange and I decided to focus on Grandpa's family.

"The Law Family"
Dedicated to the late
Harry Jr MD
 Harry Sr Law

Love, Anna

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  1. Those are beautiful. Your love really shines through.