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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tornado Anna (Making of "The Dancing Partner" Part 2)

 Here is a diagram of my mental progression during the final stages of the above.

  As clarification, I did not in fact have an extra week.  This is a picture of me when I figured that out.
Immediately following the complete freak out stage was The All Nighter, which is not as frequent a thing as you might think.  I usually avoid them at all costs because they literally make me go insane.  However, that adrenaline rush would be enough for me to move mountains... until about 10:30AM, at which time I would start having conversations with them.
Anyway, because I was deep into this state of utter panic I didn't make as much documentation. Oh well.

This guy was originally going to be a violinist, but when it came down to the wire, so to speak, it became apparent that he was only going to be barely visible in the final shot.  By far he is my favorite puppet so far.

I finally found a use for my flashlight!  Shining through blue construction paper with pinholes, it makes for an excellent moonlight effect. 

The next day after class I took some shots of the ruin that Tornado Anna had left my room in.

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