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Friday, June 1, 2012

How I Almost Lost Mr. Thumb (Making of "The Dancing Partner" Part 3)

 I was finally in the last last leg of the project, and I was in need of supplies.  So, I decided to pay a visit to my new favorite supply store.

After hastily grabbing some semi-clean foam core and various other materials I ran into Professor. 

Little did I know, on one side of my new semi-clean foam core was some sort of crummy (and slightly terrifying) advertisement which I was obliviously promoting all the way back to my apartment. 

 Once there, the adventure continued.
I had found some blue foam which I intended to carve into landscape-y shapes.  I couldn't find my real knife so I had to settle for my box cutter.

 It was insufficient (apparently I can't spell ^).

I informed my roommates of my plight.  Mind you, I had to do so very confidently because they usually don't trust me with things like pointy objects or technology.

Clearly, I was convincing enough.

I got to work.

 And that's how I almost lost Mr. Thumb
He eventually stopped bleeding and is now on the mend, but I will have a B.A. sadface-shaped scar on my thumb for years to come.

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