Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Never Never Land Map. Pop-Up Illustration Demo

Map to Never Never Land

We've moved!  I just finished school for the year.  So my buddies and I have moved back home.

  I took a class this past quarter in which we were required to create a pop-up illustration spread.  Honestly, pop-up books appear complicated, but they are even more complicated than they look.  It was really frustrating trying to figure out the mechanisms.  They have to fold up (and then down again), fit inside the page when flat, and animate (pop out) in a motion fitting to the content.  One of the books that inspired me was "Cookie Count: A Tasty Pop-up" by Robert Sabuda.  The mechanisms are smooth, simple and inventive.
Anyway, here is my pop up:





Monday, May 13, 2013

Snow White Origins

For this next puppet I wanted to dip back into my Grimm's Brothers Buff past.  Snow White has been done and done again.  And although she remains my favorite Disney Princess, none of the renditions do her unique character design justice.  Trying to out-do the masters is obviously not on my list of things that I expect to do, but here's my shot.

Black as ebony

Testing testing

I found these pricker bushes on my parent's property and was very inspired them.

Then came the environment experimentation.

And the final! 

Thanks for lookin'!