Sunday, September 29, 2013

How to Make Your Own Prescription Eyeglasses



How to Make Your Own Prescription Eyeglasses:

1. Rummage through your roommate's trash.

B. Cut it to shreds.

3. Glue the shreds together to match your prescription needs.

4. Cut more.

5. Go to the eye doctor's and pick out your super stylish frames.

F. Shout, spit, throw stuff.
Eventually, it all should magically fuse together.

Last.  Strut your stuff.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lovin' Cup Photo-Foray

This semester I am taking a Journalistic Illustration class, where we attend to and document a person, place or event.

In response to these assignments I enthusiastically set out to new and exciting places with camera in hand for reference photographs.  It isn't usual to have an assignment that actually forces you out of our apartment and into real society.  My intention was not originally aimed at quality photographs, since they were purely for my own use.  However, upon arrival to my first location I was instantly inspired my the mood and lighting of the place.  Capturing this mood photographically became the goal of the evening.  As much as I told myself the effort was in the name of illustration, it was painfully obvious that the subject matter was creating an instant narrative, all on it's own, and staying true to the beautifly humble reality.  I am not entirely new to photography, but certainly had never been enthralled by it to this extent.  Maybe you'll see why:

Lovin' Cup Open Mic Night:

Ope.  We've got ourselves a photobomber.

Thank you Lovin' Cup for putting up with me.
Illustrations to come!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Back at school again for one last year!  Here are some portraits.

My muscly classmate Kyle: