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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I'm a Tattoo Designer!

  Unfortunately, I am not one of those artists that are their toughest critic.  Occasionally, usually due to lack of sleep, I will have a moment of clarity where I will see some of my poorer work for what it is.  This inability to see things clearly consistently is frightening, and one of the reasons I don't think I would ever get a tattoo.  I can't even tell if clothes fit on me until I've already taken them home.
  My big sister is not like that.  She is decisive.  She gets tats.  For her latest she had something very specific in mind.
She had this one on her wrist, but wanted a matching collumn on the other wrist that was crumbling.

 So after much back and forth, she settled with this version.
I wasn't able to be there, but she was awesome and took pictures for me!

I'm amazed at how close the tattoo artist was able to get to my original.   I have some pretty scary images engrained in my head of botched tattoos.  

All done!  YAY!  No going back now.   You've got my art on your skin f o r e v e r.


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