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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Honey Bear -Product Illustration

For this product illustration I was having a difficult time figuring out a way to make this a dimensional project without making a resin mold.  Then I came to the obvious conclusion: make a resin mold.  So I spent a million dollars and bought the stuff to make one.

Here is the plasticine original sculpt.

I've never used liquid latex before, but mine was more like cottage cheese latex.

When I was mentally preparing to begin the project, I was talking to a friend of mine from my LAIKA days, Matt, and I asked him his advice on this process.  Thank goodness I did.  He introduced me to the concept of a"mother mold" which prevents the latex mold from drooping.  I renamed it the "Matthew Mold"  

It was supposed to come out as a clear cast.  But it magically knew that I wanted a honey color.  I think that means that I did something wrong, but it saved me trouble of trying to figure out how to color it afterwards.

The past few weeks have been pretty intense due to my school's tricky adjustment to semesters.  I've pulled more all-nighters this school year already than I had in the rest of my 3 years put together.

Today is the one day between classes and finals.  They decided to call it "Reading Day"


sleeping day:



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