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Thursday, January 9, 2014

4 New Year Firsts

This past Christmas my brother, his fiancée and myself received tickets for a two-day, New Year's concert from our New York City dwelling sister Clarion.

That's her
It was certainly the most exciting New Year celebration that I have had yet.  Here are 4 things that I did last week that I had never done before.  Feel free to laugh at my shelteredness.


   I'm a bit ashamed to admit it, but this was my first New Year's not gorging myself on snacks in front of the ol' TV with my folks.  I missed the snacks a bit, but waiting in line for 3 hours was pretty great too.  
   The concert was fun and well worth the cold-cold wait. The second night we were the first people in line.  THE FIRST.  That takes some serious dedication.  We were pressed right up against the front rail to the stage and Eugene Hutz's beady little eyes and impressive mustache stared us down from just feet away.     
   The first night we didn't really wait very long to get into the concert venue and still got in about one or two rows back from the stage.  Not bad right?  Wrong.  This brings us to number 2.


Can you find Anna?
   I had never been in a mosh pit before.  I'm not that kind of music lover generally, but this stormy ocean of sweaty, stifling, screaming bodies was something I'm happy to say that I've now experienced.  I'd always thought it would be really cool to crowd surf.  I thought it would be like some out-of-body thing where you unleash yourself to total trust in the kindness and support of the human race and obtain inner peace and total faith that everything is going to be ok.  I don't think that anymore.  I did witness a lot of trust-fall fail-whales though.  
   What did give me hope was every time a surfer actually succeeded in reaching the front, he was expertly caught and handled by the big hero bouncers who soberly watched as we all made idiots of ourselves.  They were the men of the evening.


   The day after the concert was the Polar Plunge.  Of course, it was my first.  
The Polar Plunge is a widely recognized New Years tradition around the world where one jumps into the ocean with a bunch of other insane people.  I heard someone say later that the water at Coney Island that morning was about 30˚F.  If you don't know what diving into 30˚ water feels like, imagine being punched in every part of your body at once.  Or you could watch the end of Titanic.  


   Later that day I went to my first milonga, which is a style of Argentine Tango.  Obviously, being New Year's Day, this was the tango studio's New Year's party, which would imply a formal dress code.  For some reason this hadn't occurred to me.   
It is easy to get complacent as a dancer because there are some dances and styles that will become very comfortable for you, but there are so so many dances and styles that you will never be good at because of the sheer number and variety of them.  For that reason it is also very easy to become humbled as a dancer, and I certainly was at the milonga.  I was seriously under-dressed, and not very good at the dance.  
   Having said that, I had a lovely time.  I was mentored, coached and dragged along by a few fantastic dancers and I met a lot of impressive wall flowers.  There was one sweet-heart that must have been in her early 80's, who had just begun taking dance lessons at the studio.  What a brave and inspiring thing!

  So, those where my firsts for New Year's, but I expect many, many more.  God willing, this will be a year of firsts for me.  I took lots of pictures in the Big Apple and will be posting them soon.

As always, thanks for lookin'!  And happy New Year!  May it be full of firsts!


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