Saturday, September 26, 2015

Have Brushes - Will Travel

My very very last helpx took me to a little village called Ballydahob (which I mention purely because it is such a cute name) in a house called "Hare Moon," a fitting title for a very themed house.  I was taken in to do a bit of creative painting in the house.  First was the tree in the stair well.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any all-encompassing pictures of it.  In some cases it really seems like an iphone camera would be of more use than my fancy one.  Ah well.  

I had my lovely assistant (and resident junior art critic) pose with the new tree.

The Hare Family Mural

 Wonderfully lit, I must say.

I also made this little guy for some good friends I've got over here, as a thankthankthankyou for being so nice to the blow-in.

I'm kicking back now in Tullamore for my last few days in Ireland (before I get deported).  So, as for you in the wide world: fare well until we meet again, and thank you for being so kind.  As for those friends in the USA, see you soon.  Get ready to partay!
Love to all everywhere, anywhere and nowhere.  And YOU prepare yourself for much more art.