Sunday, January 17, 2016

El Mimo

Hello All!
I'm returning from a blogging hiatus.  WITH A VENGEANCE!!

I've got a new little friend and here he is.

I've had this image (or something like it) in my head ever since I was in London poring over giant classical paintings.  Don't ask me why.   Anyway, the point is, I have it now and have this mime puppet that I love, but no longer has a purpose.  What can ya do?  Well...

You can put him in a glass box.  That's where mimes belong, right?


He is so sad and pathetic, but I still can't help but laugh at him.  And now he's a wall-hanging!

And now here's the-

 Start with the face sculpt...

add some saucy legs ...

El Mimo is so glad to be alive!

Face paint!

And hair!  I had planned on him being a slicked-back all-black type of guy, but he talked me into an artsy, little ponytail.  It suites him I think.
 and POSE! 


PS. Big news coming!