Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Hey Folks!  I've been busy as a bee lately, not only doing my own work, but now I'm getting ready to open my own gallery!  It's something I've never done before and I'm definitely out on a limb, but already it has been an extremely enlightening experience.  The Luna Gallery is having it's grand opening reception this Friday!!!  Ahh!  It will be featuring the work of 9 fabulous artists that I've been acquainted with, along with my own.  I'm a teeny-tiny bit excited. 

Today someone asked me, "Why Luna Gallery?"  I guess it's because I've had moons on the brains for a while.  The moon is steeped in lure and mystery.  There are tons of stories about the moon for children and for adults.  Nursery rhymes, conspiracies, historical events.  It is dreamy, it is lovely, it is spiritual and, it is universal.  Everything I like my art to be.


Leftover banana?  Or beginning of a sculpture?

First few layers of clay.

The kiss

I rarely break into paper mache, but a I did a little bit this time around because of lack of accessible soft materials.  I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. 

 Little hair detail!  :)  Sheep wool!

 New blue walls!   I like 'em already! 

And for those of you who are wondering what is on the dark side of the moon:

Tah-tah for now!  See y'all on Friday for the opening ;)
Love, ANNA