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Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Gonconer -Part 4/7

This is the fourth of a 7-piece series of illustrations that I completed for The Woodland Faerie Trail of Achill Island in Ireland.  They are printed on wooden plaques and scattered throughout fairy houses and lovely, mossy, ivy-ed trees.

The Gonconer is related to the Leprechaun, which is noticeable in his devious and greedy nature.  Also known as the Love-talker, this fairy takes the form of a half-sized, gorgeous man with dark shining eyes and cold lips, and is rarely seen without a pipe at the ready.  Smoking aside, the Gonconer's favorite past-time is snaring innocent farm girls in the mist, seducing them for a kiss, thus ruining them for life. 

Stay tuned for more Irish fairies!

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