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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Pooka -Part 6/7

This is the sixth of a 7-piece series of illustrations that I completed for The Woodland Faerie Trail of Achill Island in Ireland.  They are printed on wooden plaques and scattered throughout fairy houses and lovely, mossy, ivy-ed trees.

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The Pooka is a mysterious, shape-shifting creature.  Although it can take shape as whatever serves it's dangerous purposes, it often comes in the dead of night in the shape of a fearsome black stallion with blazing red eyes.  Luring men onto his back, he gallops into the night and eventually bucks them off.

The Pooka can also come in the form of a giant white rabbit, like in the 1950 film, "Harvey."  It might also be recognized as the festive, magical Easter character we all know and love. 

Stay tuned for more Irish fairies!

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