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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Leprechaun -Part 7/7

This is the last of a 7-piece series of illustrations that I completed for The Woodland Faerie Trail of Achill Island in Ireland.  They are printed on wooden plaques and scattered throughout fairy houses and lovely, mossy, ivy-ed trees.

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The Leprechaun.  A 2-3 foot, red-haired, green-clad, tri-cornered creature.  Crafty, and clever, he frequents our fairy stories with pots of gold and rainbows.  And like most fairies, he loves the whisky drink and bit of dance and craic.  Beyond that the Leprechaun is, by trade,  a cobbler of shoes, but only one at a time.

That's it for this series of Irish fairies.  No promises, of course!

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