Sketch Studio - By Anna Overmoyer

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Teeth Fairies

  Presenting the Teeth Fairies!  They came about for a couple of reasons.  One is that my parents, the forest dwellers, saved this old chewed up antler for me.  Being well aware of my fixations, they thought I'd like it.  What would have chewed up the bone like that!? What kind of teeth did this?  Why, fairies with gnarly little fairy teeth of course!  So the antler chilled in my studio for a while, developing ghosts in my imagination.  While that was happening, my studio neighbor, who is a glass worker asked if there was something we could work on together.  I said, how would she feel about making tiny glass teeth?  So we went back and forth and while I was working on fairies, she was working on perfecting the toothing process. 

Process Pics:

Disa making toofs:

Toofless toof fairies

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