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Futility of Knowing One's Self - editorial illustration
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Book Cover

Butterfly Stomach - editorial - Handling the fear of trying new things

Kings - Advertisement - "Bringing people together"

Meeting the Sphinx

Book Cover

Captured Fairy

Editorial - "Stuck in a Box" -Cures for Creative Block

"The Dancing Partner" By Jerome K. Jerome - page illustration

"The Dancing Partner" - illustration

"Ori in Technicolor" - Page 1+2 spread

Jack and The Beanstalk -illustration


  1. Anna...

    Super work! You have a lot of talent (it shows) and have great versatility of styles. I'll keep watching for new stuff.

    Love, Uncle Peter

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  2. Amazing. Your work blows me away, every time.

  3. I just love all of your Art
    Suzie Coleman

  4. You are a very good artist! You should do some claymation!

  5. Anna! Bravo, this work is absolutely amazing... your work reflects such a unique sense of self--you've definitely got a fan here! I look forward to more of your work soon. Thank you.

  6. Just gorgeous work! How have I managed not to see this before. I am so very happy to have discovered it now and look forward to digging in to more of your work!

  7. Anna,
    I thoroughly enjoyed perusing your site! I especially loved the Sidhe, or The Good Folk. Well done, lass, well done.
    Your talent impresses so.

  8. I love your work!! I think I like the Jack and the Beanstalk the best :D <3